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Corvette Fiberglass Tops


C3 coupe fiberglass painted T-Tops from 1968 to 1976 have 2 clamps, a chrome die cast front guide pin and a vinyl covered plastic headliner.

C3 coupe fiberglass painted T-Tops for the 1977 year only, have 2 clamps similar to the early tops, but have aluminum front guides instead of chrome die cast ones and a vinyl covered cardboard headliner like the later ones.

C3 coupe fiberglass painted T-Tops from 1978 to 1982 have 1 clamp and a spear in the back and have the vinyl covered cardboard headliner.

C3 coupe glass T-Tops are made for 1978 to 1982 Corvettes, but can be retrofitted to 1968 to 1977 Corvettes by removing the triangular shaped adjustable pin located in the upper rear door pillar, roof panel.  They were made with LOF brand glass in blue, bronze, solorcool, and neutral tints.

C3 coupe aftermarket Moon Roofs were originally designed to go on 1977 Corvettes as an GM option that never made to to the option list.   They were offered as an optional aftermarket item and are distinguished by a painted fiberglass border surrounding the glass inset.  They were made in several combinations with 1 or 2 clamps to fit both styles of C3 Corvette roofs.  They were originally offered with dark, silver, bronze, gold, and rose tints.

C3 coupe aftermarket glass roofs were offered with PPG, LOF, and Galaxsee brands of glass.  A few versions of aftermarket inexpensive Plexiglas T-Tops were also offered.

C4 coupe roofs are made in 3 styles that only fit their respective years only and were offered in painted fiberglass, and bronze or blue plastic.  The 1984 through mid 1986 Corvettes use a nipple locator in the front.   The late 1986 to 1988 roof panels use a locator bracket with a wide span, one threaded hole and 2 bolts that are 2 1/4" apart.  The 1989 to 1996 roof panels use a narrow triangle bracket with a narrower span, one threaded hole and 2 bolts that are 1 1/2" apart.

We have C3 Corvette Fiberglass T-Tops,  C4 and C5 Fiberglass Roof Panels, as well as Glass T-Tops and Glass Roofs for Those Corvettes.  We also offer New, Used, and Rebuilt Complete Convertible Top Assemblies.  Hardtops, Convertible Deck Lids, Weatherstrips, and Other Components for  All Years of Corvettes Convertible Tops, Pads, Straps, Bows, Frames, Bow Locks, and Top Kits are also Available from Tracy Performance.

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