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D36 to D44 Axles

The C-4 Dana 36 was the only axle available in 1984 Corvettes.  In 1985, Chevrolet brought out the Dana 44 which was similar to the 80-82 Corvette axle, but not interchangeable.  The Dana 44 axle is considerably stronger, but not indestructible.  The Dana 36 and the Dana 44 axles were used through 1996.

For a quick summation, you have to change the Dana 36 automatic style rear axle assembly with the stub axles and the rear axle cover to Dana 44 manual transmission style axle parts.  Also the front support bracket has to be changed to a Dana 44 unit which is constructed or modified to fit the your automatic or manual transmission. The driveshaft should also be changed or shortened to the proper length.  You can use the same half shaft assemblies.  And don't forget to install the lubricant! 

We can build you various ratios of axles for whatever application you desire and also provide proper speedometer conversions.

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