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Wheel Bearings

We Offer These Suggestions For Greasing Corvette Rear Wheel Bearings.

Note: Bearing removal is not required for this operation!

  • Raise rear of vehicle, use hoist or jackstands.
  • Disconnect half shaft from outer flange.
  • Rotate and wire the outer end of half shaft up and out of the way.
  • Remove the spindle nut, washer, and flange.
  • Place greaser tool over spindle and into dust shield and inner seal.
  • Reinstall spindle nut and washer and tighten lightly to retain greaser tool.
  • With a hand grease gun, put in 4 to 6 pumps of HD bearing grease.
  • Rotate the greaser tool zerk 180 degrees and repeat above.
  • Remove greaser tool and reinstall components and torque to specifications.
  • Repeat operations for opposite side of vehicle.
  • Lower car carefully.TracyPerf©98

This information is for experienced licensed mechanics!

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