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C4 1984-1996 Fiberglass

C4 Corvette fiberglass panels are available from Tracy Performance.

  • Stock Replacement
  • New Old Stock
  • New
  • Used
  • Original

We also have fiberglass replacement and custom panels for high performance, muscle cars and race cars.


  1984-1990 Aero Street Side Effects
AGK200U 84-90 Aerotech Street Skirt Kit
AGK400U  91-93 Aerotech Street Skirt Kit
AGK270U  84-90 Aerotech Street Skt Kit w/Rr Wrap
 AGK730U  84-90 Aerotech St Skt w/Door Adapters
 AGK370U  84-90 Aerotech St Skt w/Dr Adptr, Wrap
  1984-1990 Front 3 Piece Spoiler
ASF030U  84-90 3 Pieces Phase I Front Spoiler
   1984-1990 Front 3 Scoop Fender
 AFK200U  84-90 Phase II 3 Scoop Side Fenders
   1984-1990 Front Aero Fender
 AFK100U  84-90 Aerotech Side Fenders
   1984-1990 Front Bumper 91
 ABG200T  84-90 91 Replica Front Bumper
 ABG200GT  84-90 91 Flex Gold Replica Front Bmpr
  1984-1990 Front Fender 91
 AFK400U  84-90 91 Replica Side Fenders
   1984-1990 Front Phase 2 Bumper
 ABG010T  84-90 Phase II Narrow Front Bumper
 AVF010U  84-90 Front Lower Valance
 ABG020U  84-90 Front Bumper Push Bars
 ABK100U  84-90 Hardware Package
  1984-1990 Front Phase 2 Spoiler
 ASF010U  84-90 Phase II Front Spoiler
 ASF010GU  84-90 Flex Gold Phase II Front Spoiler
   1984-1990 Front Vader Spoiler
 ASF040T  84-90 Vader Front Spoiler
 ASF040GT  84-90 Flex Gold Vader Front Spoiler
   1984-1990 C4 Corvette American Rocker Kit
 AGK100U  84-90 American Ground Effects
   1984-1990 C4 Corvette Aerotech Rear Wing
 AWF030U  84-90 Aerotech Rear Wing
   1984-1990 C4 Corvette Rear Bumper
 ACG100  84-90 Rear Bumper
 ACG100G  84-90 Flex Gold Rear Bumper
   1984-1990 Rear C4 Bumper
 ACG035T 84-90 LT-5 Replica Rear Bumper w/Intergral Narrow Mldgs
   1984-1990 Rear LT5 Bumper
 ACG030T  84-90 LT-5 Replica Rear Bumper
 ACG030GT  84-90 Flex Gold LT-5 Replica Rear Bmpr
   1984-1990 Rear Phase 2 Bumper
 ACG010T  84-90 Phase II Narrow Rear Bumper
 ACG020U  84-90 Rear Bumper Push Bars
 ACG013U  84-90 Rear Bumper Trim Strip
 ACK100U  84-90 Hardware Package w/Grills
   1984-1990 Rear Phase 2 Wing
 AWF020U  84-90 Phase II Collector Rear Wing
   1984-1990 Rear Vader Wing
 AWF050T  84-90 Vader Rear Wing
  1984-1993 Collector Targa 1
 ATF010T  84-93 Collector Series Targa
 ATK300T  84-93 Collector Series Targa w/Lvrs
 ATK310U  84-93 Collctr Series Targa Louver Only
 ATK320U  84-93 Collctr Series Targa Louver Only
   1984-1993 Collector Hood Louvers
 ALK100U  84-93 Collector Hood Louvers
   1984-1993 Door Panel
 ADL100U  84-90 Aerotech Deck/Fender Package
 ADK100U  84-90 Aerotech Finned Door Panels
 ADK500U  91-93 Aerotech Finned Door Panels
 AGK300U  84-93 Aerotech Door Adapters
   1984-1993 Front Aero Wing
 AWF010U  84-93 Aerotech Front Wing
   1984-1993 Hood NACA Ducts
 ALK050U  84-93 NACA Ducts ES
 ALK200U  84-93 NACA Ducts
 ALK300U  84-93 Large NACA Ducts
   1984-1993 Hood Vader Scoop
 AHF010U  84-93 Vader Hood Scoop
   1984-1993 Mirror Caps
 ADK200U  84 Only Vader Mirror Caps
 ADK300U  85-93 Vader Mirror Caps
   1984-1993 Rear Coupe Quarter Left
 AQF010U  84-93 LH Coupe Rear Quarter Panel
   1984-1993 Rear Repair Quarter
 AQF020T  84-93 RH Coupe Rear Quarter Panel
   1984-1993 Rear Street Wing
 AWF040U  84-90 Rear Street Wing
 AWF200U  91-93 Rear Street Wing
   1984-1993 S J Rear Wing
 AWF130T  84-93 SJ Rear Wing
   1984-1993 Targa Phase 2
 ATF020T  84-93 Phase II Targa
 ATK100T  84-93 Phase II Targa w/Scoops
 ATK200T  84-93 Phase II Targa Scoops Only
   1991-1993 Front Designer Spoiler
 ASF200U  91-93 Designer Series Spoiler
 ASF200GU  91-93 Flex Gold Designer Srs Spoiler
  1984-1990 C4 Corvette Update Kit AAK970
 AAK970T  84-90 Update Kit to 1996 Body Style
   Wide Signer Wing
 AWF060U  84-90 Designer Wing
 AWF210U  91-93 Designer Wing
   1984-1990 Rear ZR1 Wrap
 AGF270T  84-90 Aerotech Rear Wrap
 AGF400T  84-90 Aerotech ZR1 Updt Bpr Rr Wrap
   1984-1990 Front Bumper
 ABG100T  84-90 Front Bumper
 ABG100GT  84-90 Flex Gold Front Bumper
  1984-1990 Phase 3 Body Car 1
 AAK100T  84-90 Phase II Body Kit w/Finned Doors
 AAK200T  84-90 Phase III Body Kit w/Phase II Targa
   1984-1990 Phase 3 Body Car 2
 APK100U  84-90 Belly Pan
  1984-1993 Hood Mill Scoops
 ALK400U  84-93 Millennium Series Hood Scoops
   1984-1993 Stalker Bumper
 AAK610T  84-90 Stalker Front Bumper
 AAK680T  91-93 Stalker Front Bumper
   1984-1993 C4 Corvette Wide Body Kit AAK600
 AAK600T  84 Only Stalker Wide Body Kit
 AAK800T  85-90 Coupe Stalker Wide Body Kit
 AAK000T  86-90 Conv Stalker Wide Body Kit
 AAK950T  91-93 Coupe Stalker Wide Body Kit
 AAK960T  91-93 Conv Stalker Wide Body Kit
   1984-1996 Motorsports Kit
 AGL010T  91-96 Motorsports Ground Effects Kit
   1984-1996 Motorsport Ground Effects
AGK000T  84-90 Motorsports Ground Effects Kit
   1991-1993 Front Mill Spoiler
 ASF250T  91-93 Millennium Spoiler
 ASF250GT  91-93 Flex Gold Millennium Spoiler
  91-96 C5 Updage Rear Bumper w/integral wide moldings
 ACG050T  91-96 C-5 Update Rr Bumper w/ Integral Wide Mldgs, Custom Spoiler
   91-96 C5 Update Rear Bumper w/Integral Wide Mldgs
 ACG045T  91-96 C-5 Update Rear Bumper
 w/Integral Wide Mldgs
   Battery Cover
ATC020U  84-96 C-4 Battery Cover


Fiberglass is easy to work with and never rusts. It's only major disadvantage is that it cracks or breaks on impact instead of denting as metal would. Our FLEX GOLD products lessen this disadvantage by combining our same superior Owens Corning fiberglass with a custom mix of flex resin to provide you with a more flexible part. A fiberglass part that has flexibility yet is rigid enough not to warp or lose its shape. Not only is the flex agent added to the part, but we also incorporate it into the gel coat finish to ensure a completely flexible part. For years, the best replacement for waving and paint cracked original urethane bumpers has been fiberglass. Now, with our exclusive FLEX GOLD, you have the ultimate alternative - no more steep replacement costs from a little bump in a parking lot. FLEX GOLD is the answer!

New, New Old Stock, Used, Original, Replacement, and Custom Corvette Fiberglass is Available from Tracy Performance.



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