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Cooling Diagnosis

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We Offer These Suggestions For A Cooling System Check List


Temp Sending UnitTracyPerf©98

Hoses with Wire

Tem Gauge Accuracy

Fan Shroud

Reverse Flow Water Pump

Fan Clutch

Heater Core

Water Pump

Heater Hoses

Bypass Hose

Electric Fan Direction

Intake Gaskets

Fan Blade Direction

Carb SettingsTracyPerf©98

Pulley RatiosTracyPerf©98

Distributor Timing

Rock Shields

Balancer Indexing

Core Shift

Cam Timing

Casting Blockage

Exhaust Restrictions

Ported Vacuum VS Straight

Heat Riser

Fuel to Match Compression



Radiator Cap

Must Have Restriction to Cool Off

Air Flow Restrictions

Water Passage Mismatch

Air PocketsTracyPerf©98

Mark IV VS Mark V

Overflow Recovery Canister

Seals Around ShroudTracyPerf©98

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